Guidance for the big picture and finer details

Serving you with an objective approach Delivering a disciplined process

  1. What’s Your Retirement Look Like? Your retirement is your reward for the years of hard work and sacrifice you have committed to get to this point. It is unique to you and your family and your plan should be treated as such. We get to know and understand what is important for you and your family. We want to do this in the first meeting because it forms the basis for all your decisions.
  2. Gather and Discovery – Having a unique and accurate plan means having all the relevant information. During our second meeting we would advise you of the information to complete your personalized plan. Typical items we would ask for would be a list of all your assets, liabilities, and debts; an estimate of how much you will receive in Canada Pension Plan; a review of your employee pension; and a list of all insurance policies.
  3. Review and Discussion – During our third meeting we would review your personalized plan and the investment options available to meet your unique goals. For some, investing can be frightening and confusing. Our process will ensure the following: you will understand your investments and how they work; the cost associated with each investment; and the level of volatility associated with each investment.
  4. Implementation and Monitoring – Your retirement and planning does not stop when you quit work, rather it’s the beginning of a new phase of your life. Therefore, our commitment to you does not end once the plan is implemented. You can expect regular proactive contact and monitoring throughout your journey to make your retirement as smooth as possible.