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Cash Flow Education

If your biggest financial worry is debt, we have a plan for you.

According to the 2019 summer debt survey by Manulife Bank, “ Dealing with debt can feel isolating, but you’re definitely not alone. Nearly 40% of Canadians living with debt say it was because they lived beyond their means, and a quarter say they’re making poor progress paying it down. “

You work hard for your money and you should be able to enjoy life on your terms.

Our cash flow software uses the most advanced in behavioural cash flow management to help you understand your spending, eliminate debt, and build wealth.

We understand how debt can seem frustrating and overwhelming at times, but no matter what your situation is, our proven process will help you feel more confident and bring you financial peace.

There are three steps to getting you cash flow positive:

  1. Deep Dive Discovery: Schedule a 30 minute phone call with a member of our team for a deep dive discovery to learn about your financial situation. Here we will discuss your assets, debts, and your biggest financial worries. To start this process click HERE
  2. Recommendations and Implementation: A second meeting where will review your options to smarter spending and saving strategies to quickly get you cash flow positive. Our proven software will help provide instant and personalized spending and saving goals that will get you cash flow positive.
  3. Ongoing Help and Advice: Learning new habits takes time, practice, and a mentor to help you along the way. That’s why we provide continuous follow up and coaching to ensure you remain cash flow positive.

To get started click HERE